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Hybrid Koi Pond

Hybrid Koi Pond This is a classic Koi pond design with a hybrid twist. The “old school” Koi ponds where very plain sided and deep with not to much care or effort put into...
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Koi pond with aquatic plants

Koi pond with aquatic plants Who says Koi and pond plants can’t be put together? This pond shows that it is just a natural. A pond builder has a responsibility to find the best...
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Koi pond with bridge

Koi pond with bridge Traditional Koi ponds are known to be very plain and simple in design. They will have all the bells and whistles when it comes to equipment but not to much...
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Pond building: Koi pond construction

Pond building Koi pond construction Recently one of our maintenance customers sold their home and moved to Beverly Hills to be close to her mother, well of course there was not a pond there,...
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