Does a pond use a lot of water?

Does a pond use a lot of water??

Many people ask “does a pond use a lot of water?”

This is a great question. In many parts of the country this is a really big issue to think about if considering building a pond. Koi ponds and water gardens look beautiful and are the cornerstone of any landscape but will you pay the price in water usage? Is it something to be worried about before you call the pond contractor? The quick answer is no! Actually a pond uses far less than half the amount of water than a traditional landscape. Especially if you compare it to a grass lawn.  Traditional turfs require a minimum of four to five inches of water per week during the warm growing season. Each 500 sq. ft.(25 x 20 area) of lawn requires 320 gallons of water to receive one inch of water. Calculating that would be about 1600 gals a week watering only 4 time per week.. A California lawn may require watering at least 5 or 6 times per week with an average of one inch per day. According to state averages a 500 square foot lawn area will need approx. 25,000 gal per year..

 An average pond will loose about 1 inch of water per week.

A 25 x 20 pond at 2 foot depth will hold 7500 gals of water then after that it will take about 300 gal or less per week to maintain the water level.  In just a few short months the pond will pay for it’s self in water savings.

Which means that a pond actually uses far less water than your grass lawn.

pond constuction, pond contractor, pond care

pond constuction, pond contractor, pond care

The best part of all is how beautiful a backyard pond will make your landscape. Your family will quickly find your water garden is the new gathering spot in the yard. A place to enjoy the morning coffee while watching the Koi and turtles play. A place to let all the stress of the day melt away while enjoying the elegance of your own Aquatic plant garden.

Article: Does a pond use a lot of water?
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Does a pond use a lot of water?

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